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Foreign Rights

We manage translation rights for the following authors. See below for more information.

Publicist and writer Aleš Palán (1965)

His book of interviews with the Šumava loners, Better Go Mad In The Wilderness (2018), became one of the best-selling titles and won The Lidové noviny Book Of the Year award. A sequel named Like Heaven, But Different (2019) won the Magnesia Litera award. Palán edited Behind the Window, a charitable collection of stories by various authors about Covid 19. He also addressed the topic in an interview book with biologist Jan Konvalinka, The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. His essays Advice To God On How To Improve The World have attracted much attention of the public. In the book I Can’t See Even Darkness (2021) he talks to six women who have suffered much, from bad luck and cruel treatment.

Aleš Palán, Jan Šibík: Better Go Mad In The Wilderness. Meeting With Sumava loners (2018)

Eight interviews with people who have been living outside civilisation for a long time provide an insight into a mysterious world that is unknown to us. We meet wild animals, harsh winters, and even ghosts. Some of the loners talk about their lives in a rational way, others tell their stories like a myth.

Interviews with the Šumava loners are accompanied by photographs by a well-known Czech photographer Jan Šibík (Czech Press Photo, Golden Prisma Award).

Aleš Palán, Johana Pošová: Like Heaven, But Different (2019)

The bestselling author of Better Go Mad In The Wilderness, brings more encounters with solitaries living away from civilization. For a year and a half he followed them to remote areas, from Chodsko to the White Carpathians, from the Jizera Mountains to the Beskydy Mountains. Meeting Czech and Moravian loners again brings distinct attitudes, unique life stories and natural mysticism. Compared to the book Better Go Mad In The Wilderness, there is also a portion of humour.

The photographs were made by a young talented photographer Johana Pošová.