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About us

PROSTOR is a major Czech publishing house that has been publishing high-quality world and Czech fiction, non-fiction and journalism since 1990. It has always strived to cultivate and maintain the space of freedom in society. Many of the books published have had a significant social impact in this respect. The publishing house has always tried, and continues to try, to select titles that deal with and defend freedom – whether they are works of fiction or non-fiction.

Thanks to PROSTOR, authors such as Timothy Snyder, Tony Judt, Timothy Garton Ash, Henry Kissinger, David Satter, Yascha Mounk, Graham Allison, Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, Michio Kaku, Nick Bostrom, Luigi Zoja, Niall Ferguson, Detlef Brandes or Volker Mohn have made their home in the Czech Republic. Same for novelists Elena Ferrante, Jean-Christophe Rufin, Mark Slouka, Maarten ’t Hart, Carmen Korn, Bernhard Schlink, Thomas Bernhard, Vadim Delone, Michail Andrejevič Osorgin, Leonid Cypkin, Anna Barkovova, Ivan Šmeljov, Paul Auster, Jean Améry and William Somerset Maugham. Translations make approximately eighty percent of our production. PROSTOR collaborates with top Czech translators.

In addition to foreign fiction writers, domestic authors are also represented, such as Aleš Palán, Igor Lukeš, Alena Wagnerová, Martina Formanová, Andrea Sedláčková, Edgar Dutka, Tomáš Macek, Jiří Pehe and others.

In series The Work of Milada Součková we have published the complete fiction, poetry and drama works of this great Czech exile writer in thirteen volumes. For the publication of her writings, PROSTOR won the Magnesia Litera Award for publishing.

Another important project were translations of more than twenty works by Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989), one of the most important post-war Austrian writers and playwrights.

Our Awards

For more than thirty years of its existence, PROSTOR has been bringing to Czech readers important international and Czech titles that won awards, both abroad and at home.

The Magnesia Litera Award

2020 Litera for Non-Fiction

Aleš Palán, Johana Pošová: Jako v nebi, jenže jinak

2010 Litera for Publishing Achievement

Dílo Milady Součkové

The Lidové noviny Book Of the Year 

2018 Aleš Palán, Jan Šibík: Raději zešílet v divočině

The Josef Jungmann Prize

2022 Tomáš Hrách Premium

Jitka Nešporová for the translation of Norbert Scheuer’s novel Winterbienen / Zimní včely

2021 Tomáš Hrách Premium

Sarah Baroni for the translation of Elena Ferrante’s novel The Lying Life of Adults / Prolhaný život dospělých

2019 Creative Award

Kateřina Šimová for her translation of Mikhail Osorgin’s novel Сивцев Вражек / Příběh jedné moskevské ulice

2018 Creative Award

Jakub Šedivý for his translation of Ivan Šmeljov’s novel Солнце мёртвых / Slunce mrtvých

2016 Creative Award

Jakub Šedivý for his translation of Leonid Cypkin’s novel Leto v Badene / Léto v Baden-Badenu

2006 Tomáš Hrách Premium

Jakub Šedivý for the translation of Sasha Sokolov’s novel Škola dlja durakov / Škola hlupáků

2005 Creative Award

Hana Linhartová for the translation of Martin Doerry’s work Mein verwundetes Herz, Das Leben der Lilli Jahn 1900-1944 / Mé zraněné srdce. Život Lilli Jahnové 1900–1944

2005 Tomáš Hrách Premium

Tomáš Dimter for his translation of Thomas Bernhard’s novel Das Kalkwerk / Vápenka

2004 Josef Jungmann Prize For The Best Literary Translation

Věra Koubová for her translation of Franz Wurm’s poetry Dirzulande, Hundstage a Dreiundfünfzig Gedichte / Rozevřená fuga

The Pulitzer Prize

Frank McCourt: Angela’s Ashes / Andělin Popel

The Nobel Prize in Literature 

Peter Handke

The Order of the Companions of Honour

William Somerset Maugham

The O. Henry Award

Irwin Shaw

The Austrian Literature Award

Thomas Bernhard

Contact us

For more information regarding our authors, recent submissions, translation right, please contact: (+420) 224 826 688,